Here is a gigantic chair. It is so hight that it is difficult to get up into. But when you are up there you can feel like Odin who, from his chair, is able to see the whole world and everything that is happening.

Up here you can see Onsild Ådal and far away on the other side. It is of course not the whole world but it is far ranging and beautiful.

The chair is called Hlidskjalf and belongs to Odin. Only he can sit in it. On his shoulders or on the back of the chair sit two, big, black, ravens, Huginn and Muninn.

Every morning the two ravens fly out in the world and every evening they return and sit on Odin's shoulder and tell him everything that has happened in the world of gods and humans.

At Odin's feet lie Freki and Geri, the two big savage wolves. They follow Odin when he rides his eight-legged horse, Sleipnir, across the sky and makes rough weather and autumn-storms rage. They also follow him when he goes into battle.

When Odin is served food he gives it to the wolves because he himself only lives on the wine of the gods.

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