Mytologisk Plads

A mythological playground

The mythological playground near Fyrkat Viking Centre, Hobro, Denmark

The myhological playground has free admission all year round.

Vikingecenter Fyrkat
Fyrkatvej 37 B
DK-9500 Hobro

The mythological playground tells the stories of the Viking's Norse religion of Odin, Thor and all the other strong gods. The playground is located next to Fyrkat Viking Centre just outside the town of Hobro in Denmark.

Fyrkat Viking Centre is open during the summer.
Read about the opening hours and admission fees on the website:

You can climb the world tree Yggdrasill, sit in Odin's chair, fly with Freya's falcon feather cloak, swing from the Midgard Serpent and lots more.

In the story cave you can hear the old Norse myths: The Beginning of The World, the wolf Fenrir, The journey to Utgard-Loki and many more.

The playground is for adults too

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