Mimir's Well

Mimir's Well

If you go to Mimir's Well, and dig, you will find an eye.

Once Odin travelled to Mimir's Well to drink from it, thereby acquiring some of Mimir's wisdom, but Mimir did not let him drink before he had pawned one of his eyes. So Odin had to sacrifice an eye which is now lying in the well. But, when this happened Odin did indeed become very wise.

Mimir is a giant who consists of only a head. When he was a normal giant he was the cleverest of all, both gods and giants. In a battle however his head was chopped off and his body thrown away. The head was then embalmed.

When life had been breathed back into the head again, it was placed on a stool to guard the well of knowledge, Mimir's Well.

Being in possession of Odin's eye means that Mimir always sides with Odin and is always ready with clever advice. Mimir is of course the god of knowledge and planning.

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